Established in Holland, Michigan Kittywampus Soda Brewing has been specializing in craft sodas since 2017. 0ur dream is to create a legendary line of artisanal small-batch sodas using natural ingredients.

about the brand

Kittywampus, I know it's kinda fun to say. The name came from a desire to develop not just a drink, but an adventure. The goal of Kittywampus Soda Brewing is to craft a variety of natural sodas with fantastic flavor and eye-catching artwork.

While growing up on a blueberry farm Joe Groenhof's curiosity got the best of him in 2013. That curiosity inspired him to make his first style of blueberry soda. Several years later the blueberry soda became the foundation of Kittywampus Soda Brewing. The fun names and artwork followed shortly after; and over the next few years, more flavorful brews emerged.


We may not have nine lives, but we have one life to do nine times more. So raise your soda high, and step as boldly as we brew. Enjoy this curious exploration as we craft and discover the taste for adventure.

Our Equipment

Our uniquely crafted sodas are made from the industry standard hardware.

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